Rhubarb at Sky Garden

OSEs skills as engineers with a sympathetic eye on design were called upon to assist the designers to create a workable solution for the suspension of new features and fixtures without over loading the main shell structure. OSE also worked closely with the M&E consultant to ensure that services were also fixed in accordance with the shell specification. The result produced a simple yet stylish end product that blended seamlessly with the interior scheme.

Interior Designers


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Our Task


Located on the 31 & 33 floors of the Shard, London’s tallest building required a head for heights is nothing else.  Designing the support system for the a heavy acoustic ceilings, M&E services, ceiling features and fixtures was a challenging undertaking and required meticulous consultation with the building’s structural engineers. OSE were also employed as CDM Coordinators for the project and worked closely with the designers and contractors to ensure that the project was delivered safety on this vast multiple construction site.

Skills Involved


  • Structural Engineering
  • CDM Coordinator Services