La Sala, Chigwell

OSEs skills as engineers with a sympathetic eye on design were called upon to assist the designers to create a workable solution for the new feature staircase & balustrade. The result produced a simple yet stylish end product that blended seamlessly with the interior scheme. Design of new mezzanine floors, fabrication details to staircase and mezzanine floor were undertaken by our structural department working closely with the fabricators to ensure that the project deadlines and budgets were met.


La Sala

La Sala in Spain operates casual premium restaurants frequented as much by the rich and rare celebrities as by families and caters for a mix of ages and clientele. The La Sala Ltd mimics the Spanish restaurant offering the “ultimate social and dining experience”, day and night. Customers can choose from the varied menu offering a range of International and Spanish favourites, all made from ingredients of the highest quality.

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Our Task


Located in the heart of Chigwell, the structural elements comprised of the removal of large parts of the load bearing structure with the required support works. Due is its location, we worked closely with the Principal Contractor to ensure that the steelwork sections designed were not oversized and could be installed safely without impacting on health & safety during this short construction phase. Other works included checks on the existing building for overall stability, design of a new feature staircase and general structural input for the projects’ consultants and contractors.

Skills Involved


  • Structural Engineering
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • CDM Services